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Logic Pumps has years of experience in the inspection, maintenance, and repair of all type of tanks across the Sydney area. We have specialists in both Fibreglass and Concrete Tanks, We can help you with lining systems and also the cleaning and maintenance of tanks and pits

The cleaning that we perform is to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on offering the most effective solutions to our clients to ensure that their plants, pumps and tanks aren’t holding their business back from functioning as smoothly and successfully as it should be. We also provide optimisation and upgrades to existing systems.

No matter the industry, and no matter how big or how small the job, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Logic Group if you think we can assist you in any way. OWe’re always happy to add new, satisfied clients to our customer list, so give us a call today!

What we Clean

  • Potable Water Storage and Pumping Tanks and Pits
  • Fuel and Oil Storage and Pump Tanks
  • Food Industry Waste Pits
  • Water and Waste Treatment Plant Process Tanks
  • Sewer Storage and Pumping Stations
  • Fire System Water Storage Tanks
  • Any other confined space storage vessel or tank

Past Projects

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Syndey Harbour - 2 x 600kl Deisel Storage Tanks - Fuel Tanker Ship

Logic Group was engaged to remove 50mm heavy oil from the Floor of 2 x 600kl Diesel that had been left uncleaned from an Overseas Port, LogicGroup arranged for the Removal, Cleaning of the Tank Floors and Safe Disposal of the Heavy Oil, This included significant and complex processes that were delivered in a very short space of time to complete these tasks and ensure the ship was ready to be back in service in the shortest possible time.

Overview of tanker
Inside Storage Tanks
Exit after Cleaning

Filter Media Removal

South Sydney - Swimming Pool - Backwash Discharge Tank.

Logic Group was engaged to remove Overflow of Filter Media from the Swimming Pool filters at a Swimming Pool in South Sydney.

Before Filter Media Removal
After Filter Media Removal
After Filter Media Removal

Tank Cleaning

Northern Beaches - Stormwater Subsoil Drainage Pit

Logic Group was engaged to remove 600mm of Silt from a Stormwater Pit, the construction project next door had allowed silt to flow into the pit through the subsoil drainage manifold, LogicGroup cleaned the tank and removed the Silt to ensure that the silt was no longer pumped into the Stormwater Drains.

During Cleaning 1
During Cleaning 2

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